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About West Berkshire Homeless

How We're Helping

Charity begins at home, but what about those people without a home? We are a community based charity in West Berkshire set up to assist the homeless back into a home. Our aim is zero tolerance to homelessness in our area

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We are now busily raising funds to maintain the 'half way' houses and forge ahead with helping others who are homeless plus planning for this coming winter.  See NEWS page for summer fundraising events.

May Update

Our folk are now well settled into the 'half way' houses, which now look like real homes - all achieved with generous donations from the local community - who still keep providing with lovely goodies, laughter and friendship. Other guys are making great headway in different areas and jobs as they continue to find work and make life changes - a great bunch!

St Basil of Caesarea

The bread you hold back belongs to the hungry.     The clothes you lock away belong to the naked.

The money which you are hiding belongs to the needy.

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