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Charity begins at home, but what about those people without a home? We are a community based charity in West Berkshire set up to assist the homeless back into a home. Our aim is zero tolerance to homelessness in our area

Could You Be A Volunteer?


Volunteers play a vital part in any Charitable Organisation and in the run up to the extended night provision for the Winter period in 2019 (February to April) West Berkshire Homeless need as many willing hands as possible to come on board. 

Can you help?

Please do contact us if you feel

you could help in any way.

Thank you

Autumn/Winter Update


Autumn is now turning into winter and throughout the year WBH has been working hard to assist those who are seeking assistance in gaining accommodation and employment.  Despite the reduction in the number of rough sleepers in the area - which has been achieved due to a concerted effort from the voluntary sector and Council - WBH still average 2-3 calls per week from people who are facing homelessness or who are sofa surfing.  Fighting homelessness is a relentless battle to ensure that everyone has a warm, dry bed each night and WBH are at the forefront of that battle.

With three half-way houses and working closely with local estate agents and private landlords, we aim to help as many individuals as possible on an ongoing basis.

West Berkshire Council have stated they have sufficient provision for this winter through the Two Saints Hostel and that a separate night shelter will not be necessary, and WBH are supporting them as much as possible and monitoring the situation on a weekly basis.

St Basil of Caesarea

The bread you hold back belongs to the hungry.     The clothes you lock away belong to the naked.

The money which you are hiding belongs to the needy.

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Citizens Advice West Berkshire

Tel 0300 222 5941 (costs the same as a landline, even from a mobile and is included in most inclusive packages)

Rough Sleeping Emergency Accommodation No 01344 786543 Street Link (the National referral system for homeless people) 0300 500 0914 For medical, mental or domestic violence problems telephone Emergency Services on 111 or 999