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Charity begins at home, but what about those people without a home? We are a community based charity in West Berkshire set up to assist the homeless back into a home. Our aim is zero tolerance to homelessness in our area

Could You Be A Volunteer?

Volunteers play a vital part in any Charitable Organisation and in the run up to the extended night provision for the Winter period in 2018/19 (November to March) West Berkshire Homeless need as many willing hands as possible to come on board. 

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November Update

As the winter starts to close in WBH are working closely with Two Saints who are providing a daytime and night facility from November to March for up to 20 individuals, with volunteers from WBH helping with breakfasts, day-time activities and evenings.

We are also pleased to announce that another two of our residents in the half-way houses have moved on to independent accommodation and working lives - congratulations to both!  This has enabled us to invite two new people to join the house families.

Whilst all this is happening, the Trustees are working tirelessly to help others into work and accommodation - with two more successes just this month!

Funds are always gratefully received to support this vital work in our local area.

St Basil of Caesarea

The bread you hold back belongs to the hungry.     The clothes you lock away belong to the naked.

The money which you are hiding belongs to the needy.

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Telephone for Help

Rough Sleeping Emergency Accommodation No
01344 786543
Street Link (the National referral system for homeless people)
0300 500 0914 www.streetlink.org.uk
For medical, mental or domestic violence problems telephone
Emergency Services on 111 or 999