Urgent Appeal


2019 Night Shelter Opening soon

In readiness for the imminent opening of the Night Shelter, we urgently need the items  below for clients coming in.

Please help by giving a gift if you can from the following list:

  • Fire extinguishers (Fire Brigade to advise)
  • Fire blankets 2
  • First aid kits 2
  • Folding Tables 4 (easy clean with no edge upstands)
  • Sleeping bags 9
  • Pillows 19
  • Pillow protectors 25
  • Pillow cases 25
  • Waterproof single mattress protector 20
  • Bedside mats 15 (or cut strips of carpet 40 sqm)
  • Flannels 28
  • Sponges 40
  • Loofahs 15
  • Cotton buds (small packs)
  • Socks (male) 50 pairs
  • Pants (male) 50 pairs
  • T-Shirts (male) 50
  • Hairbrush 5
  • Hand mirror 5
  • Ladies underwear (bras & pants)
  • Ladies sanitary items
  • Slippers (hotel type) 20 pairs
  • Dressing gowns 13
  • Hand cream
  • Hot water urn  1 (to borrow)
  • Mops  2
  • Buckets 2
  • Brooms (indoor & outdoor) 2 of each
  • Dustpan & Brush 1
  • Microwave  1 or 2
  • Radio 1
  • Bedside lamp 2 (for staff)
  • Bedside cabinet 2 (for staff)
  • Plates (ceramic or biodegradable) 20
  • Bowls (ceramic) 4
  • Forks, Knives, Dessert spoons & teaspoons 9 ea
  • Trays 4 (plastic)
  • Clock (large) 2
  • Tea towels 17
  • Paper towels (blue roll for cleaning)
  • Waste bins 2
  • Bin bags
  • Washing-up liquid, cleaning spray, disinfectant, toilet blocks, air freshener
  • Aprons (disposable)
  • Protective gloves (disposable)
  • Scissors
  • Kitchen knives
  • Sandwich toaster
  • Food storage containers
  • Coat hooks 30
  • Door mats 2 large
  • Toilet brush 2
  • Toilet bins 2
  • Toilet rolls
  • Cigarette bin 1 (for outside courtyard area)
  • Lockable cabinet (for office)
  • Site mobile phone 1
  • CCTV
  • Sensor lights 4
  • Coat rails
  • Paint
  • Spillage kit
  • White large mail bags 40
  • Door alarms
  • Intercom
  • Sharps box
  • Contaminated waste bin and bags
  • Pot noodles, lots

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About West Berkshire Homeless

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Charity begins at home, but what about those people without a home? We are a community based charity in West Berkshire set up to assist the homeless back into a home. Our aim is zero tolerance to homelessness in our area

Could You Be A Volunteer?


Volunteers play a vital part in any Charitable Organisation and in the run up to the extended night provision for the Winter period in 2018/19 (November to March) West Berkshire Homeless need as many willing hands as possible to come on board. 

Can you help?

Please do contact us if you feel

you could help in any way.

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January Update


 January is proving a very busy but excellent month as we are all working hard to get the Night Shelter open by the end of the month - none of this could be achieved without the wonderful, generous support of of the Newbury community or our fantastic volunteers!  With three more individuals moved out of tents and into accommodation and continuing support to others as they are progressing forward, our daily work continues and we know that even more can be achieved once the Shelter is in operation.

Watch this space for regular updates and do join us at our AGM (see Events) at the end of January for a full update.

St Basil of Caesarea

The bread you hold back belongs to the hungry.     The clothes you lock away belong to the naked.

The money which you are hiding belongs to the needy.

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Rough Sleeping Emergency Accommodation No
01344 786543
Street Link (the National referral system for homeless people)
0300 500 0914
For medical, mental or domestic violence problems telephone
Emergency Services on 111 or 999